In the new age of cybercrime, organizations must honestly evaluate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity resources. Most companies understand how threat detection and device monitoring operate separately to secure their information; but what advantages could they provide when combined? Together, let’s review how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services work separately, and how their combined efforts can improve your cybersecurity as a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service. 

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Overview of MDR and EDR 

Though each cybersecurity service works to prevent infiltration from hackers and viruses, MDR and EDR offer distinctly different protection services: 

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Using a combination of technology and human IT support, MDR services help to quickly identify and restrict threats from harming your network data. This process requires meticulous threat hunting, monitoring, and immediate response to potential dangers from a remote team of security experts ready to protect your data without harming daily workflow. However, the most important aspect of an MDR service is the management, wherein your system is routinely scanned and monitored for unusual activity. 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Contrary to an MDR service, EDR specifically monitors network connections and activity through endpoints—or electronic devices—used to access company data. Through a combination of AI and detection software, EDR helps identify any attacks or malware within a device by scanning for unusual online behavior on different applications, which upon detection are locked out of the network to prevent further damage. In short, EDR acts as a modern data protection service to proactively search and lockdown malicious cyberthreats on devices to limit network damages.  

How Managed EDR Works 

Though both MDR and EDR serve as effective network defenses on their own, these programs work best when combined into a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service. Alone, EDR acts as a proactive threat protection; however, such high-quality data scanning comes at the price of response time.  

Due to the high volume of complex data gathered during EDR scanning, IT personnel can fall behind reviewing all the analytical reports. Furthermore, the degree of information that comes in from a company’s entire network can overwhelm even the most prepared of cybersecurity teams. Since EDR threat detection reports require expert translation from human IT analysts, the expanse of information can overload a team, delaying reports for extended periods of time that places your confidential files at risk.  

Fortunately, we at Innovative Integration avoid such risks with client information through our quality Managed Endpoint Detection and Response services. Using the monitoring and oversight found in MDR, our Managed EDR team employs a team of IT experts to review EDR activity reports, find the most important data streams, and customize each clients’ service to automatically produce the most accurate threat reports. If the threat is found to be legitimate, said IT team will act against the threat using the information provided in the report. Not only does this system produce the clearest reports and understanding of your organization’s network data, but Innovative’s own experts provide the best picture of potential threats towards your business with a list of prevention methods to suit your needs.  

III Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Support from IT experts
Using the reports from the Managed Endpoint Detection and Response system, IT experts work with your company to remove potential threats.

The Advantages of Using Managed Endpoint Detection and Response 

Businesses that require a responsive and reliable cybersecurity service can rely on Managed Endpoint Detection and Response to defend their information. On top of improving overall device performance and deterring potential cybercriminal activity, companies outsourcing a MDR service can expect improvements in the following areas:  

Production and Performance 

Once a company uses a Managed EDR service, all IT support and attention on data security is directed to an external team. As a result, organizations regain control over their IT department to focus on internal advancements, projects, or other tasks previously interrupted by security issues. In turn, your company’s IT staff will become less stressed, thereby improving technical production and performance quality throughout the company. 

Security Expenses 

With a Managed EDR plan, business owners find that their production quality improves, increasing revenue due to the higher focus on client services. Despite these services being outsourced, security expenses on damages or upgrades in software are cut significantly when the MDR process mitigates damage or disruptions to network data throughout the workday.  

Data Management 

Among the greatest stresses a business can have is having to constantly monitor, update, and repair cybersecurity flaws. Fortunately, companies that employ a Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service can easily transfer management responsibility to an external IT team such as Innovative Integration’s Managed Services Team. Since all their attention is directed toward threats and data activity, a Managed EDR team offers faster responses and provides solutions to prevent infiltration in the future should a company need it. On top of network management, this external team also helps track compromised equipment at a faster rate than a company IT department, thereby shutting down data theft without having to lock the entire company in the process.  

Find Your MDR Service with I3 

The best deterrent to cybercriminal infiltration today by far are Managed Endpoint Detection and Response services. When companies require immediate threat detection and response within their network or regulated devices, the combination of MDR and EDR solutions work to cover all bases of online activity. At Innovative Integration, we provide a comprehensive selection of cybersecurity options, including I3MDR or I3Manage IT solutions. Visit Innovative Integration’s I3 Support for help with your IT options today.  

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