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We know that every organization and every system have different problems and different solutions. Our diverse offerings are designed to meet your needs and find the solution and IT products that suits your organization and solves the problem with accuracy and thoroughness.

Managed Services

In-house servers or cloud-based? Shared or private? How do you decide what’s best for you? We will help you evaluate business applications and find the optimal combination that will deliver real, tangible improvements that will most benefit you and your business.

We’ll help you:

  • Decide whether cloud-based servers make sense for your business.
  • Complete seamless cloud migrations.
  • Find the best cloud provider for your business needs.
  • Develop and implement hybrid cloud solutions, and more.

We pride ourselves on providing superior cloud services and migrations.

Data Center Modernization

Your data is the lifeline of your business, and your data center a vital asset to your profitability. A sound data center infrastructure not only boosts productivity in every aspect of your business but also shields it from inefficiencies that could prevent future growth. We help you simplify and strengthen your data center operations, so your growth won’t be hindered by outdated systems. We’ll help you:

  • Assess, spot, and address infrastructure gaps and weaknesses.
  • Save money and resources by consolidating duplicate or disparate components and reversing operational deficiencies.
  • Identify technology and vendor options that can best advance your goals.

In 2015, we were among the first organizations to receive the Networking for Data Center specialization from Citrix.

Application Mobility

24/7 access and consistent experiences have become requirements for business success: it’s what the modern, mobile workforce needs and what consumers expect. We provide you with experience with virtual desktops and application delivery platforms to help you meet your unique needs.

  • Determine if virtual desktops or applications make sense for your organization.
  • Keep employees connected anywhere in the world through virtual desktop environments.
  • Provide application delivery support for businesses large and small, from Fortune 500 companies to 10-person businesses.

We were one of the first companies in the world to receive the Virtualization specialization from Citrix in 2015.

Data Security & Recovery

Your business can’t afford the lost revenue and reputation damage that follows a data breach—plus the fines your industry compliance standards associate with such breaches. We know how to keep your data safe from threats and how to recover from any outages. We’ll help you:

  • Determine the best way to safeguard your data.
  • Protect physical and virtual servers, with daily backups and frequent recovery tests.
  • Ensure quick data recovery in the event of server downtime, disaster, or breaches.



There are many IT products and solutions available within the cybersecurity space, so cutting through the noise and finding out which one will solve your specific problem is our job. Innovative Integration’s IT products provide specific solutions for your IT needs.


An all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution that minimizes RTO and maximizes RPO.


Provides the vital data protection you need, with offsite, cloud-based secure and managed backup.


All-inclusive proactive management service for business systems in the data center or at the endpoint.


Manage systems, support clients, and stop problems before they happen through a single dashboard.


The controls needed to secure, manage& monitor every device, user, app & network used to access business data.


Combine human expertise and innovative technology to monitor, hunt for, and respond to threats.

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i3Inspector Cloud

24/7 cyber security service designed to uncover security threats occurring inside of your network.


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