When working online, network issues are an unfortunately common occurrence. Every business—from global organizations to small town start-ups—relies on network access to perform tasks, collaborate on projects, or interact with customers. Having a lacking or poor network connection not only stalls your productivity, but also impacts your business relationships. How can you prepare against these disruptions? Together, let’s discuss what network issues are and which ones you should watch for.  

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5 Common Network Issues 

Network issues are one of the most common concerns IT experts encounter. These issues occur because of faulty, poor, or a complete lack of internet connectivity. In your business, these network issues may appear in the form of dropped Wi-Fi signals, slow uploads, choppy or broken video calls, and frozen computer screens or apps. Frequent network issues frustrate employees and clients alike when they cannot access important applications or files. To prevent these disruptions, here’s a look at some possible network issues: 

1. Slow Network 

Many businesses experience slow or lagging network connections that delay employees from being productive. Time that should be spent finishing projects is wasted on waiting for files, websites, and applications to load, upsetting users as they try to work. There are many reasons why this network issue occurs, such as heavy traffic accessing your network, large file uploads taking up energy, or simply eroded connections from your business devices. 

2. Poor Wi-Fi Connection 

Wi-Fi is an invaluable tool for businesses to maintain connection to the internet and cloud-based files. However, inadequate Wi-Fi signals cause connections failure, which stalls productivity across your company. Weak signals occur when routers have low power, are damaged, blocked by other equipment, or interfere with other Wi-Fi networks. While restarting or moving the Wi-Fi router can improve the signal, it’s important to repair this network issue immediately so it doesn’t further impact workflow.  

Poor Wi-Fi connection can disrupt your access to important network files, delaying your work during the day.

3. Damaged or Faulty Devices 

Hardware can create many network issues for companies—either for individual workers or across the entire workforce. Even if the network connection and software are fine, worn-down router cables or connectors can disrupt activity and affect other equipment. Cables are frequently added and removed from switches, so it’s easy to disconnect a cable by accident. Though it’s simple to replace a damaged piece of equipment, making sure the part is available when you need it can be tricky. Through routine network monitoring and IT maintenance checks, you can prepare for possible device issues with minimal delay. 

4. Overused CPU 

A network issue most companies fail to consider is how individual CPUs can leave your network vulnerable. Each device an employee uses to access your network has a CPU, and if this hardware is overworked or exposed to a virus, then assets could be leaked. Cybersecurity detection programs alert you to network exposure, but the best way to prevent CPU issues is to stop excessive use or routing through a detection program. This may require shutting down, restarting, or updating the CPU to improve its bandwidth performance and transmission of data throughout your network. 

5. Failed VPN Access 

Establishing a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection is crucial to businesses that work with sensitive information. Yet, failing to connect to the VPN server prevents this extra level of security. If you have VPN connectivity issues, check that your account details are correct, the profile is up to date, and whether the firewall settings are blocking the signal. A simple restart could help reestablish VPN connection. 

Prevent Network Issues with i3 Inspector Cloud 

Preventing network issues in your infrastructure may be tricky, but it’s worth ensuring accessibility and productivity for your business. Innovative Integration’s IT experts understand the frustration of network disruptions, which is why we offer the i3 Inspector Cloud to monitor and uncover threats in your network. Contact our team to learn more.

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