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That’s why we already have you covered with traditional security safeguards like firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware. While necessary, these platforms target only a portion of your cybersecurity defense by protecting the perimeter of your network from external threats. But did you know experts find 70%* of all breaches and threats originate inside the network, leaving you vulnerable where you might least expect!

Unfortunately, these threats to your business occur far more often than you might think through unintentional and unauthorized user access to computers, data, and programs on your network.

With the increasing incidence of data breaches, it is clear that conventional malware-focused security infrastructure is inadequate. Left unresolved, the cost to your business could be disastrous in terms of downtime, appropriation of Intellectual Property (IP), theft of confidential information, hardware loss, reputation damage, and worse!

Now, you can protect your organization from misconfiguration, alteration, or destruction of these valuable business resources.

*Forrester Study; http://blog.trendmicro.com/most-data-security-threats-are-internal-forrester-says/

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In Verizon’s Annual Report, Verizon cited insider threats as a “persistent problem,” with 55% of incidents tied to employees abusing their system access.

At Innovative Integration, Inc. we recognize the need to defend our clients from both external and internal threats. To protect you better, we have added a new, low-cost cybersecurity service to our portfolio designed to uncover security threats occurring inside your network. Behind this advanced service is an innovative cybersecurity virtual appliance that works 24/7 using proprietary pattern recognition, mathematical modeling, and Artificial Intelligence to identify anomalous user behavior, suspicious network changes, and threats caused by internal vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. With our cybersecurity virtual appliance installed on your network, here are some examples of what we can catch:

  • Unauthorized wireless connections to the network

  • A new user profile unexpectedly added to the business owner’s computer

  • An application just installed on a locked down system

  • User granted inappropriate admin credentials

  • Unusual after hours log-ins

These are just a few of hundreds of risky events occurring inside of your network that we can guard against with our cyber security appliance installed at your business. The virtual appliance provides actionable intelligence that protects your office environment by alerting you to changes or threats caused by your staff, giving you critical time to create an action plan to mitigate the threat.

Threats and vulnerabilities exist for every business network around the world. For as little as $299 per month for internal cybersecurity, you can have peace of mind knowing your business is not only protected from external threats like viruses and malware, but also from far more prevalent internal cyber risks as well.


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