Unidesk_Logo_RGB (2)What is Unidesk?

One console. Any cloud. No images. Desktops and applications managed by anyone.

Unidesk management software and game-changing layering innovation bring simplicity and scale to cloud-hosted desktop and applications - without having to trade off the user experience for IT control

Unidesk management software and game-changing layering innovation bring simplicity and scale to cloud-hosted desktop and applications – without having to trade off the user experience for IT control

What does Unidesk do?

We are desktop and application management simplicity for your cloud – Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp, VMware Horizon, Microsoft VDI & Azure. We enable desktop people to manage desktops in the new era of the cloud.

How does Unidesk work?

We virtualize everything above the hypervisor – Windows, Apps, Personalization – so desktops can be provisioned and patched from modular virtual disk “layers” that all appear locally installed. By offering Imageless Management™, Unidesk eliminates gold image sprawl, app virtualization issues, and redundant app stacks, making app delivery and Windows patching fast & easy.

Why do I need Unidesk?

VDI has been stalled by cost and complexity. With Unidesk, VDI is simpler, better, and lower cost.

VDI without UnideskVDI with Unidesk
6 management consoles1 management console
Tier 2/3 Server admins manage VDITier 1 and Helpdesk admins manage VDI
Gold image sprawl; inefficient Windows patchingImageless Management - patch-once efficiency
Application virtualization complexity; 3-7 hours per app Application layering simplicity; 20 mins per app
Non-persistent desktops require profile managementPersistent desktops eliminate profile management
Limited personalization; no user-installed appsPersonalization layer saves user-installed apps
40+ GB per persistent desktop<10 GB persistent or non-persistent desktop

Mature and proven. 1,000 VMWare customers are using Unidesk, including the most successful Horizon customers. Microsoft has chosen Unidesk as its partner for simplifying and scaling Microsoft VDI.

Lower cost. Compare VDI cost options with Unidesk: http://www.unidesk.com/pricing

Whom should I target?

  • IT Directors, CTOs, Network Architects, Windows/Server Admins, Helpdesk, anyone deploying VDI

What questions do I ask?

  • Are you deploying or planning to deploy VDI? Why? On-premise with vSphere or Hyper-V? Cloud with Azure? Connectivity – Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI, or VMware Horizon?
  • If VDI, how many gold images are you managing? Trouble virtualizing apps – how many and which ones? Would you deploy persistent VMs if storage and management weren’t issues?
  • Are you able to or do you want to have your PC admins/helpdesk staff manage VDI day-to-day?
  • If not VDI, Citrix XenApp or RDSH? Patching/updating Windows and apps across all your hosts a pain?

What do I do when I find an opportunity?

Create a login to our partner portal: https://www.unidesk.com/user/login

Register your opportunity: http://www.unidesk.com/partners/unidesk-partner-portal

Schedule a demo. Find 3 times in the next week when prospect can block out an hour for a web meeting with a Unidesk Solution Architect. Work with your Unidesk rep for a custom-made invitation you can forward. They will support you as much as you want to help close the deal.

Citrix & Unidesk

What does Unidesk replace in VMware Horizon?

Unidesk’s single pane of glass management solution replaces Linked Clones, View Composer, Mirage, App Volumes, ThinApp, Immidio, and View Persona – all the tools that make VDI too complex for desktop admins and helpdesk staff. Because App Volumes and Immidio are part of Horizon Enterprise, customers can save $50 per user by using Horizon Advanced with Unidesk.

Why do I need Unidesk now that VMware has App Volumes?

Unidesk lets anyone in IT master VDI with one simple solution. App Volumes is the 6th management console in the Horizon suite, making VDI more complex than physical PCs. If you have a large IT staff, are ok with your most skilled admins managing VDI, and can accept the inefficiencies of managing many gold images and AppStacks, App Volumes may suffice. If you’re like the 1,000 VMware customers who want to manage VDI with a few Tier 1 IT or helpdesk staff, and you only want to update Windows and Apps once without worrying about interoperability, you need Unidesk.

What are the technical differences between Unidesk and App Volumes?

Gartner says Unidesk “offers a more mature tool set than App Volumes” for many reasons. Top ones:

1. Unidesk Layers the OS. Unidesk virtualizes everything above the hypervisor – Windows, Apps, and Personalization. Because Unidesk can layer Windows itself as a virtual disk, the OS can be managed just like an app. Patch it once. Assign it to any number of VMs. Revert to an earlier version. True Imageless Management™. App Volumes runs above the OS, so it doesn’t layer Windows. You’ll have multiple images – one for every Horizon pool and template – and inefficient patching.

2. Unidesk Layers All Apps. Unidesk runs below the OS, so it can layer any app. App Volumes runs above the OS, so it is incompatible with many apps – Dragon, Imprivata, View client, antivirus, IE, printers, system services, anything with deep Windows dependencies. This means more apps in your gold image, more images, more complexity, and inefficient patching.

3. Unidesk = No AppStacks. Unidesk resolves conflicts between layers to ensure interoperability, even when apps are delivered in separate layers. App Volumes requires dependent apps to be in the same AppStack, meaning more AppStacks (images), more complexity, and inefficient updates.

Citrix & Unidesk

What is Unidesk needed for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp?

1. Unidesk’s easy, unified console brings simplicity to XenDesktop, replacing Citrix PVS, vDisk, MCS, Personal vDisk (PVD), and Profile Management – all the tools that make VDI too complex for desktop admins and helpdesk. Citrix XD VDI Edition + Unidesk is the perfect replacement for VDI in a Box.

2. Unidesk fills the application layering gap for Citrix (PVD offers only a limited personalization layer). Citrix XenDesktop with Unidesk is simpler and better than VMware Horizon with App Volumes.

3. Unidesk layering works with XenApp, providing Imageless Management of terminal server farms.

Microsoft & Unidesk

How does Microsoft view Unidesk?

Microsoft has selected Unidesk as its technology and marketing partner for scaling Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V. See http://www.unidesk.com/hyper-v for full details.