everRun HA and everRun FT

everRun® for Windows Server pools the physical resources of two standard Windows servers into a single operating environment. It virtualizes these two servers to appear and operate as one to deliver fault-tolerant, high availability for your Windows Server applications.

Here are the benefits from everRun’s unique approach.

Prevent Outages That Usually Result from Common Failures

everRun prevents interruptions and downtime by fully automating fault management, so that your applications never see the failures. When a failure occurs, everRun immediately redirects I/O away from failed devices to redundant devices. Your application continues to operate without interruption – and without loss of data.

Use everRun with ANY Windows Server Application – without Customization

everRun fits in seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. You don’t have to modify your applications in any way, shape or form to get real high availability. It works with standard off-the-shelf x86 Intel and AMD servers and standard Windows Server 2003.

Prevent Outages Even Where Your IT Staff Isn’t

everRun is ideal for remote office or facilities because everRun software doesn’t require manual intervention to restore operations after a failure – it restarts immediately and automatically.

Protect Your Budget

Administration and maintenance costs with everRun are up to 55% lower than they are with clusters. And everRun doesn’t require a shared disk subsystem or expensive SAN.

everRun for Windows is available in two editions to meet your needs and your budget.

everRun HA

everRun HA delivers component-level fault tolerant protection for essential applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL or SharePoint. Component-level fault tolerance means that if any I/O component such as a network adapter, storage adaptor or storage devices fails, everRun HA automatically redirects I/O away from the failed component to components in the other server. If an entire server fails, everRun HA will automatically and immediately restart on the secondary server.

In short, everRun HA keeps applications running – and users connected – through both network and disk I/O failures.

everRun FT

everRun FT delivers system-level fault tolerant protection for mission-critical applications that simply can’t afford even a brief interruption in service. With system-level fault tolerance your Windows Server application is running redundantly on both servers, so even when an entire server fails, you get continuous availability. No loss of application state. No loss of data.

everRun FT is typically used in regulated industries that require them to prevent loss of any data, even ‘in-flight’ transactions. everRun FT helps organizations meet compliance regulations by ensuring 100% data acquisition and retention.