4 things to consider when moving your data to the cloud

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Netflix finally did it. The company, which serves millions of customers with streaming video, recently reported that it completed its shift to the cloud — a process that has been underway for the past seven years.

“We are happy to report that in early January of 2016, after seven years of diligent effort, we have finally completed our cloud migration and shut down the last remaining data center bits used by our streaming service,” Netflix said in a blog post announcing that it moved its entire operations to the cloud.

While many major companies outsource part of their data center needs to public cloud providers, few completely replace their own data centers as Netflix did.

If you’re seeking to make a similar move — whether a total or partial solution, here are a few things you should consider when weighing the pros and cons:

1. Flexibility. If you anticipate that your company’s bandwidth will expand — or fluctuate, using cloud-based services could be your best option. You’ll be able to easily scale up without the need to invest in infrastructure or equipment. Many proponents of cloud computing tout its ability to provide companies with a high level of agility.

2. Data security. As required under the Data Protection Act, your company is obligated to make sure that the personal data of customers and employees are protected from being lost, stolen or misused. Many companies are concerned about the security of the cloud. Check with prospective cloud service providers to ensure that they offer enterprise-class security measures.

3. Automatic software updates. With cloud computing, companies also can minimize the expenses involved in maintaining their own data center. By outsourcing, responsibilities like software and security updates are maintained by the provider.

4. Ease with collaboration. The cloud enables teams to collaborate with ease by accessing, sharing and updating documents no matter where they happen to be working.

When migrating your IT services to the cloud, make sure you consult with an expert team to ensure that you conduct the move successfully.

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