More Innovations Underway in the Midst of Latest Cyber Attack

More Innovations Underway in the Midst of Latest Cyber Attack

The recent cyber attack against the Library of Congress seemed to be another indication that no institution is immune from the crimes. The four-day attack was of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) variety — with hackers targeting a network of numerous computers simultaneously. The end result is that the system shuts down because of the vast amount of traffic.

While the Library of Congress got back up and running, Facebook and AT&T both announced initiatives to keep users safe when using the Internet — signaling another major effort to help government entities, institutions and companies fight cyber attacks.

The security product introduced by AT&T has been under development for more than three years. According to the company, the tool called Threat Intellect will help the company respond to network threats 95 percent faster.

According to Jason Porter, AT&T’s vice president for security solutions, Threat Intellect gathers data insights from previous cyber threats to analyze future threats. The AT&T network experiences 200,000 malware events daily, according to the team.

Facebook’s new product is an encryption feature designed to protect its Messenger users. The social network platform has introduced what it calls end-to-end encryption as a way to protect users against an increasing number of cyber attacks.

Under the system, any two people can choose the encryption to communicate online safely. With the technology, a set of two encryption keys are produced that are known only to the users. As a result, no one else — not even Facebook — can see those messages.

“We know our systems are secure because we’re being constantly attacked,” Alex Stamos of Facebook’s security department told a White House panel recently.

AT&T indicated that it is making plans to release Threat Intellect for commercial use in the future.

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