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Disaster Recovery Trends for 2017: 4 Essential Practices

According to the Ponemon Institute, new research shows there’s a 26% chance your company will suffer a data breach in the next 24 months. In 2017 and beyond, your ability to drive profits is directly tied to the health, availability and resilience of your business data. Should that data get lost, leaked or corrupted, so will your business operations.

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Whitepaper: How to Choose the Right IT Combination

How do you navigate the changing IT landscape? How do you know whether to use in-house equipment, cloud-based virtual servers or a combination of both? It can be hard to make these choices for your business.

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Infographic: How to Choose the Right IT Combination

This infographic explores the different combinations of cloud, IT equipment, and managed services that could be right for your business.

Learn more about what you should consider when selecting the right IT combination to support your multiple business applications.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure infographic

Infographic: Hyperconverged vs. Converged Infrastructure – Which One is Better?

In this infographic, we will examine the benefits and disadvantages of two types of infrastructure – hyperconverged and converged – and you’ll be in a better position to decide which one is better for you.

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