Making the Shift to a Hybrid IT Environment

As a Forbes article recently pointed out, cloud adoption numbers vary widely — depending upon which reports and studies you’re looking at. However, there’s no denying that hybrid strategies and solutions are an integral part of the IT landscape.

Last year, the respected research firm Gartner predicted that the hybrid IT computing model would hit mainstream status within the next five years. At the time of the report, about 15 percent of enterprise companies had adopted hybrid solutions.

Whether or not a hybrid cloud strategy is coming your way anytime soon, it’s important to take these best practices in mind when shifting to that environment, according to

Switch to a hybrid cloud mindset: Analyze various workloads to determine which would be more ideally suited for traditional IT infrastructure and cloud services. It could be that a blend of both works for some, while one or the other works well for certain workloads.

Develop a strategy specific to your organization: A transition to a hybrid solution takes time, with adoption depending upon the IT requirements of your company. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly examine different aspects of the cloud and what gains would be made from a shift. Working with a vendor equipped to handle the requirements of your industry as well as address your technical and security concerns can help pave the way to a solution. Also, planning should include the process for migration, costs, timeline, and minimizing downtime.

Embrace DevOps: Many companies are embracing DevOps as an ideal platform for collaborating among software developers and IT experts. When making a significant shift, DevOps can provide the agility and insights needed to build a more efficient data center.

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