Data Center Security Must Include Focus on Physical Location

Data Center Security Must Include Focus on Physical Location

While plenty of focus has been on cloud- and digital-based innovations to ward off cyber attacks on networks, experts are advising companies and other entities about the importance of upgrading plans that include physical locations.

According to Caitlin Durkovich of the Department of Homeland Security, it’s important to do an extensive plan to make sure that your systems aren’t vulnerable as a result of physical attacks — and not just from external threats.

“You want to ensure that only em­ployees who need access to systems have access,” Durkovich told “It’s not just security from bad people. You have to account for local threats like hurricanes or potential hazards from neighboring facilities in the area.”

Physical security solutions

When developing a security system that takes into account all aspects of your data center or colocation center, look for the following components:

Security cameras. The facility should have numerous surveillance cameras that provide a full view of areas throughout the data center, as well as around the exterior of the facility. Ensuring that they are visible can act as a deterrent. “You want cameras in key locations — in all access points around the perimeter and within the server rooms,” Durkovich said.

Access control systems. Numerous options are available for preventing access to data center equipment from unauthorized users. They can range from biometric access solutions that require users to have their retinas or fingerprints scanned to the use of card readers.

Location. Ideally, the data center should not be in an area that is susceptible to natural disasters, including flooding. If you are using colocation for redundancy, the facility should be located in an area that is a distance away. Should a disaster hit, a remote location should decrease the likelihood that both data center locations are impacted at the same time.

Barriers. Examine the facility to determine levels of security. There should be numerous barriers in place, including a gated entryway, fences and checkpoints that limit access from intruders. Of course, security guards should be part of this solution.

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