Cloud Demand Increasing for Quick Data Recovery

When an IT disaster knocks your company off the rails, you need a quick, reliable and effective solution to get your operations running again. With losses ranging from $90,000 to $300,000 per hour, companies are now seeking those qualities in cloud-based solutions for backup and recovery.

Unlike more traditional backup processes with an external hard drive, cloud backup saves data by sending a copy of it online to an offsite server.

According to a recent survey conducted by Unitrend, IT professionals are interested in cloud for backup and recovery but also had some reservations about adopting it as a solution. The companies represented had data footprints ranging from less than 10 TB of data to more than 100 TB.

Here are some of the findings of the report, which can be read in full here.

  • 31 percent of the respondents had experienced data loss within the previous two years
  • 57 percent of the IT professionals have compliance or regulatory requirements for retaining data long term
  • 76 percent of cloud users require mission critical applications to get back online in four hours
  • 36 percent recovered from a data loss or outage of critical system in four hours or less

Implementing a cloud backup strategy

When developing a cloud strategy for backup and recovery, Unitrend recommends considering the following points:

Focus on planning for business continuity. Determine the data and applications that are essential to recover as quickly as possible, allowing for timely operations of critical applications. Consider how cloud-based backup and data recovery will integrate with other methods.

Backup increasing amounts of data. With cloud-based solutions, companies can adopt a model that allows them to backup more data and recover data as needed. They also allow for more flexibility to scale capacity up or down.

Determine requirements for offsite storage. Cloud-based solutions also can efficiently address requirements for offsite storage.

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