Cloud Computing is Reaching its Tipping Point as Predicted

Cloud Computing is Reaching its Tipping Point as Predicted

At the beginning of 2016, experts were weighing in on the leading trends that would change the business world. And, as expected, cloud computing was at the top of the list — no matter which industry people were talking about.

Dustin Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tableau Software, told CIO earlier this year that enterprises would be following in the footsteps of startups by embracing cloud computing. “The tipping point is upon us,” said Smith, pointing out that companies of all sizes would start moving their entire infrastructure into the cloud.

As it turns out, those predictions are on track. According to a recent market analysis by Cisco, 83 percent of all data center traffic will be based in the cloud by 2019 — up from its current rate of 65 percent. The analysis also revealed that most of the traffic will be handled by public cloud services, with 56 percent in the public cloud and 44 percent in the private cloud.

Here are some other trends that were predicted for the cloud computing industry that are being realized:

Hybrid cloud solutions will become easier to implement. According to Smith, a combination solution, along with the services to support, will become increasingly popular. “Even for companies that want to be “all-in” when it comes to cloud adoption, it’s not always possible,” because of compliance, legacy solutions and other issues, he pointed out.

Cloud architecture will evolve. According to other predictions, containerization and hyper-convergence will increasingly grow in popularity throughout 2016 — driven by changes in Internet of Things (IoT), application designs and demands for increased speed.

Security will be at the forefront of developments. With companies increasingly relying on the cloud, the demand to enhance security measures will be among the top priorities.

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