CIO Insight – Five Keys to Establishing Better IT Metrics

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What you measure, you control. How do you measure success in your IT group? Here’s an article about how to do it better.

In today’s high-stakes and fast-changing IT environment, it’s critical to build an effective framework based on the use of metrics. These guidelines can help.
IT metrics

Over the last decade, CIOs have faced growing challenges related to managing enterprise information technology and ensuring that systems deliver maximum results and ROI. At the center of this complex equation: IT metrics.

The ability to gauge costs, speed, efficiency, performance and overall productivity is critical. Here are five factors that CIOs should focus on:

The wrong metrics wreak havoc. The irony of metrics is that it’s possible to hit every goal spot on and yet fail as an IT organization and as a business. If an organization winds up measuring the wrong things, projects can sputter and results can fall short of expectations.
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“You have to take a balanced approach,” says Merim Becirovic, senior director of business operations at Accenture’s High Performance IT Organization. “The metrics structure must be circular so that you’re open to feedback from the business at all times. You won’t always get it right, but you drastically improve the odds for success.”
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