Bill Kleyman: Optimizing Cloud and Virtualization – With the End-User in Mind

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Let’s take a step back from the usual infrastructure design conversation and dive into a new architecture metric: end-user performance. Often, some of the best cloud and virtualization designs fail to take the end-user into consideration. Sure, they’ll understand the workload or what needs to be delivered. But what about truly optimizing the computing experience of the user when the data reaches its destination?

Creating a platform with the end-user in mind is somewhat of a new, backwards, approach to creating a full on solution. Although not all encompassing, some of the following technologies and solutions can play a big role on how the end-user processes and manipulates data on their end.

WAN Optimization. This is something that we actually cover fairly regularly. WAN optimization has come a long way in helping data get from one point to another faster and with better manageability. Good WAN optimization technologies don’t only help data transfer – they help that information arrive faster. Resulting in happier and more productive end-users.

Switch and Network QoS. QoS on the LAN and WAN has been used since the technology was introduced. Prioritizing traffic based on their demand is a crucial part of keeping the right data transmitting at the right speeds. Whether its video conferencing or VoIP – QoS can help speed up network data transmission. Here’s one more note – make sure to set QoS metrics on your wireless architecture as well. Proliferation of wireless devices has created density headaches for some wireless controllers – always keep an eye on how many users are connecting and how you can continue to optimize those sessions.

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