IT Assessments: A Vital Ingredient for Business Health

Earn Brand Trustworthiness with a Data Security Plan

As technologies evolve, so do business practices and customer behavior. Consequently, if your IT systems, practices and policies remain stagnant for too long, you’ll soon face a serious misalignment between what customers expect from you and what you can deliver. Broken promises, frustrations, lost time and income invariably will follow.

Data leaks, loss, delays or inaccessibility are all indicators that what’s worked for you in the past no longer does the trick.

Below are a handful of questions to aid you in your IT assessment:

  • Do business and IT leaders regularly interact to discuss business needs and obstacles related to technology?
  • What are your top recurring IT support issues?
  • What are your policies and procedures related to data backup and recovery, change requests, tech support, technology use by staff and purchasing? Are they enforced? Are they working?
  • Inventory your technology assets. Who can access them?
  • Do your systems and devices operate well with one another? What interoperability gaps cost you time and money today?
  • What are your short- and long-term business goals? What technology capabilities do they require?

Whether you’re unsure where to start or confident in the progress you’ve made in your IT assessment, we’re happy to help.

Drop us a note or download a handy guide to discerning the right IT combination for your business. At a minimum, we’ll help you clarify next steps and move you closer to your goals.

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