Protecting Your Intel, Operations & Customer Data

You’ve spent years and lots of dollars gathering operations, research and client data. Contracts, customer feedback, performance forecasts, pricing models — countless man-hours gone in a second when an employee hits the wrong key and/or systems misfire.

Adequate data backup is a big deal, even if business owners and executives often don’t think of it as they go about their day, trying to keep customers happy and attract new revenue. But you know better.

Below are 6 data backup fundamentals — basic but vital practices to help keep your data safe and accessible when and where you need it.

Plan ahead

Save time by spending time upfront, as tech writers Kevin Lo and Elliot Harmon put it in a TechSoup article. “Developing a solid backup plan requires an investment of time and money, but the cost is far less than the burdensome task of recreating data for which no backup exists,” they warn.

Lo and Hammon advise your backup plan should define:

  • What’s being backed up
  • Where it’s being backed up
  • How often backups will occur
  • Who will perform the backups
  • Who will monitor whether backups were successful

Inherent in this plan are the following steps, which we’ll call out separately because they’re pretty darn important:

Review backup logs daily

Yes, daily! And while you’re at it, identify and resolve backup failures daily as well.

Define your most critical data

Clarify what data you absolutely can’t afford to lose and how you will access it when Armageddon strikes.

Test backups before you need them

Do you know for sure that you’re doing now works? You need to be.

Leverage vendors effectively

Does your vendor have the right skills and know-how to ensure your data is backed up properly? Your vendor should not only resolve problems effectively, but also do so in a timely manner.

Sure, adequate data backup requires lots of components beyond the steps listed above. But practicing these habits (or having a partner who’ll shoulder that responsibility on your behalf) is a great foundation.

What blind spots could be sabotaging your business data backup?

Reach out and let’s talk — no commitment, no pressure. We’ll help you identify and plug those holes before crucial data falls through it.

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