Why companies still love Citrix XenApp for mobilizing Windows apps

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Why companies still love Citrix XenApp for mobilizing Windows apps

Many of our clients need to deliver a easy, self-service way users to access to their Windows applications, regardless of location device. And many of these clients use Citrix XenApp to do it.

Wny do these companies love Citrix XenApp to virtualize and mobilize Windows apps? Here are the top reasons:

Single platform for all of their Windows applications – Citrix provides a unified delivery method that is tried and true. Innovative staff have been deploying applications with Citrix XenApp and its predecessors for almost twenty years.

Flexibility with apps, operating systems – Citrix can handle most applications, including those that require particular versions of Windows operating systems and particular versions of plugins like Java and Flash. And these applications with different requirements can be delivered side-by-side with applications requiring other versions of the Windows server OS or these plugins.

Look, feel and migration path of virtual desktops – XenApp is not just about delivering applications. XenApp can deliver a form of virtualized desktop that is perfectly adequate for many organizations. And the XenApp infrastructure is the same infrastructure as XenDesktop, which is the full-blown virtualized desktop offering from Citrix. Migration from XenApp to XenDesktop is easy and the two environments can also coexist.

Lower TCO other solutions – XenApp offers a single platform for all Windows applications with an easy-to-calculate cost per user. Most of our clients find it to be the best value for delivering applications to multiple devices and locations.

Considering mobilizing your Windows apps? Call the experts. We do a lot of Citrix XenApp work for our existing clients who are upgrading versions, adding applications, or adding user categories.

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