Why are businesses buying mobile devices for their employees?

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It’s not always convenient for business owners to have employees bring their mobile devices from home. While there are many variables at play, a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model can lead to more security and management concerns that simply aren’t worth the hassle or short-term savings.

If BYOD makes you squeamish, consider a COPE (corporate-owned, personally enabled) strategy. Under this model, employees use mobile devices purchased by the business but are allowed to utilize it for their personal lives.

By relaxing a few restrictions (e.g. personal calls and texts, social media posts and personal email), you can achieve employee buy-in, increase the convenience and likelihood that employees will continue their business communications outside the office. Additionally, providing the devices to your employees helps you ensure that the proper security protocols are in place.

This does mean your business has to foot the bill for the hardware, however. Depending on your organization, that might not be cheap. And the growing number of mobile choices means your employees might have drastically different preferences from person to person. It’s not an easy desire to fulfill.

All things considered, if your mobile management issues and risks are worth avoiding, consider COPE for your business.

For more information on best practices, no matter the strategy you use, check out Citrix’s white paper:

Download Citrix's BYOD Best Practices White Paper

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