Would you benefit from a virtual desktop infrastructure?

Would you benefit from a virtual desktop infrastructure?

If you’re looking to reduce costs and enable employees to access desktop operating systems from other devices, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is well worth your consideration. In recent years, VDIs have grown increasingly popular for business owners, and with good reason.

So, what exactly is a VDI? In brief, it’s a virtual machine that runs on a centralized server. Its benefits can vary depending on the organization, but at a minimum, a VDI allows every desktop user to access the same image and applications remotely or across multiple devices, all while slashing administrative and support costs. Install applications, drives and patches one time only and all users are in on the updates.

An additional upside of having the VDI run on a data center: You can cut your organization’s costs by not having to purchase a bunch of PCs. Instead, you can buy one premium system and give all employees equal access, whether or not they are in the office or working remotely.

This setup also comes in handy when problems occur. Issues with a VDI can most often be solved with a single troubleshoot session, enabling your organization to recover quickly.

Of course, the centralized nature of a VDI also means a problem could impact all employees when things go awry, and individual customization may be more difficult.

In order to accurately weigh your options and discern the best step forward without spinning your wheels, talk to your IT consultant or reach out to our experts. We’ll be sure to point you in the right direction and provide answers quickly.

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