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1. What is Unidesk?

  • Unidesk is a unified VDI management platform with patented desktop layering technology. It is the one-stop shop for flexible desktop provisioning, streamlined image management, simple application virtualization, and complete user personalization. Unidesk uses a set of virtual appliances that gives you everything you need to create, patch, update, repair, and recover virtual desktops on any type of storage – including SAN, local, hybrid, and flash.

2. What’s new in Unidesk?

  • Elastic Layering – attaches apps on-demand to XenApp sessions at logon based on user entitlements, giving every user their own unique set of apps. With Unidesk Elastic Layering, layers can now be attached at logon to pooled non-persistent desktops and remote desktop session host (RDSH) sessions. Both resource-efficient desktop types which can be shared by many users, now have the same look and feel as resource-intensive persistent desktops, which require a dedicated machine for every user.
  • Unidesk Session Containers – Persist user settings and unique apps between XenApp sessions, giving every XenApp user a fully personal user experience. Unidesk Session Containers allow application and persistent layers to be attached to individual RDSH sessions. For the first time, XenApp users can change settings and install their own apps, knowing that all customizations will be present the next time they log on.
  • Unidesk integration with Citrix Provisioning Services – Extends PVS with the ability to provision an entire XenApp farm from a single instance of Windows Server and a single instance of any app.

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