Top IT Monitoring Challenges in 2017


IT teams are deluged by alerts they can’t translate into practical insights, and struggle to quickly remediate service disruptions, according to nearly 1,700 IT pros recently surveyed by BigPanda, a data science platform. Those survey findings are in line with a separate IT monitoring survey by Opsview, a global monitoring software provider, which compiled responses from another 409 IT professionals from large and small companies around the world.

Tools and information overload is where most surveyed IT professionals find themselves. A side-by-side snapshot of top responses to each survey show:

(1,700 respondents)
(409 respondents)
1. Quickly remediating service disruptions (83%)1. No single view (59%)
2. Reducing alert noise from monitoring tools (79%)2. Difficulty in creating reports (55%)
3. Securing budget for the proper monitoring tools (78%)3. Poor information (47%)
4. Quickly identifying service disruptions (76%)4. Can't monitor new technologies (41%)
5. Migrating services to the cloud (75%)5. Can't quickly identify issues (37%)

Opsview notes that respondents in management positions put a higher percentage of importance on dashboards and reporting while technology integration resonated most with respondents in technical roles.

In any case, IT departments are hindered by “too many tools and dashboards, slowing down response time to critical issues and making it difficult to identify the source of an issue.” From the perspective of managers, inadequate reporting makes it more difficult to make decisions and demonstrate value to stakeholders, adds Opsview.

The bottom line: The monitoring information your peers are receiving today is excessive and not practical in solving actual problems. At least not helpful in solving problems as fast as their businesses need to run smoothly, securely, and profitably.

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