The Dropbox Problem: Marrying Mobile Accessibility & Security

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File-sharing tools are wildly popular these days. Who doesn’t want access to key files from any web-enabled device, any time, anywhere?

No wonder tools like Dropbox and Google Drive are so popular. They’re useful, for sure, but that usefulness comes with a large dose of data leakage risk. Just so you know, some research has estimated the cost of lost data at $250+ per record. Not cheap.

The trouble with Dropbox and similar apps is that organizations can’t monitor or protect the data flowing to them. You could try to blacklist the app, but that doesn’t address the problem users were trying to solve in the first place: instant, mobile accessibility. It’s not just a matter of convenience, but more about productivity — something your workforce needs to meet customers’ expectations in today’s “I-want-it-now” market.

The answer isn’t blocking mobile accessibility, but providing it in a way that enables you to encrypt data, control its access and usage. But how do you marry mobile accessibility with data security?

Citrix, whose Xenmobile solution has been adopted by some of our clients, recently shared the following ingredients for an adequate mobile data security solution. We think it’s good advice so we’re passing it on:


  • Track which user accesses what data, and when.


  • Provide “follow-me” data for mobile.
  • Enable users to securely sync and share data to and from mobile devices.
  • Set granular data control policies.
  • Share data controls and allow access across apps.


  • Encrypt mobile data, both at rest and in transit.
  • Prevent data leaks with a secure, encrypted data container.
  • Protect data by wiping the container when users leave your organization or lose a device, or based on events like a device jailbreak.

What does your mobile security framework look like today? Can you use some help identifying blind spots and plugging those holes? If so, hit us up — we’d love to chat and point you in the right direction.




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