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You may or may not have noticed but there are a raft of Office 365 backup services popping up right, left and centre. This might seem odd but actually it is just the market reacting to a void in the overall services structure that Microsoft has crafted with Office 365. Let me explain …

Microsoft is not liable to lose your precious data as they replicate the daylights out of anything that you have inside Office 365. But as i have stated many times in past blog posts, replication is NOT the same as backup! Replication ensures that your data is always available but it is a continuous update process which cannot protect you from accidental data deletion or other actions that may change, corrupt or delete data. In other words, anything that happens to your data in the primary storage will be copied to (replicated) to the secondary, tertiary and any other levels of storage that Microsoft provides in the backend of Office 365. Make no mistake, Microsoft does everything they possibly can to ensure your data is available to you but they make no representations whatsoever about being able to reach back in time to pull back email or objects within a SharePoint site collection or data from a OneDrive for Business. Yes, there are safety mechanisms that admins have available to them to help correct a reasonably current “oopsie” but there is no mechanism available to reach back weeks, months or even years. In other words, there is no mechanism to reach back to a given point in time.

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