MacBooks Are Safe, Right?

It’s been three years (or close) to the last time you replaced aging PCs in your organization, and it’s almost time to do it again. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s a waste of your resources.

Sure, extending the life of older PCs may garner short-term savings, but the costs of supporting older hardware in the long term outweigh those savings, big time. (Let us not forget Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP support last year.)

As your budget tightens, your workforce expands, and technology demands continue to rise, it’s time to rethink the cost of your PC refresh process.

Faced with this challenge, many businesses choose to redirect their investment to desktop virtualization instead. In this model, PCs are repurposed as thin-client devices, meaning they serve as conduits or receptacles for another, centralized computer that can deploy images to hundreds of desktops in a matter of minutes. It’s a way to extend the lifespan of the hardware investment without requiring IT to support outdated operating systems.

Beyond savings, CIOs who opt for desktop virtualization also benefit from a much more streamlined app and desktop management, and a big boost in their operational efficiencies. They also enjoy the fact that employees can securely access sensitive company information from a variety of devices, with the same high-performance experience.

In all, desktop virtualization solutions (like Citrix’s XenDesktop, which many of our clients use) frees up budget and time for other IT and business initiatives. It’s more time and money in your pocket, with no dips in quality, support or access ¾ a win-win all around.

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