Companies use Innovative to help solve business problems.

Popular solutions include:

Cloud - Public, Private and Hybrid

In-house servers and storage, cloud based servers, shared or private, how do you decide? Innovative helps you evaluate you business applications and make the best choices to help you Optimize Your IT.

Disaster Recovery

Digital assets are among the most valuable assets of most companies. Yet they are not on the balance sheet. Are you sure you’re protecting your digital assets in a way that matches their value? Innovative helps you define, evaluate and address the specific requirements of your business. Innovative helps you define and deliver the appropriate levels of protection from failed servers to regional disasters.

Virtual Desktop, Application Delivery

Workforces are mobile. Company headquarters are getting smaller, and employees are more distributed. Delivering a consistent way for your IT end users is now critical for productivity and for job satisfaction! Innovative has decades of experience with the major virtual desktop and application delivery platforms. Innovative provides application delivery support for Fortune 500 companies as well as 10-person small businesses. Innovative can help you determine if virtual desktops or virtual applications can help you Optimize Your IT.

Command and Control

Are some of your applications slow, but you’re not sure why? Do you wonder what’s going on in your network? Is your help desk phone line the best indicator of when your systems are having a problem? What you measure, you control. Innovative helps you implement monitoring systems and dashboards for your most critical systems. Innovative helps you know what’s going on now and know your longer term trends.

Office 365 Migrations

More businesses are finding success by eliminating their in-house email servers. Microsoft Office 365 can help businesses eliminate in-house SQL and SharePoint servers as well. Businesses are also using Office 365 better manage corporate email, word processing and spreadsheet software distribution and automatic updating. But migration is not trivial, and it takes a well-planned project to ensure success. Businesses that use Innovative to help with their Office 365 planning and migration can reduce the migration risks and ensure a stable future.

Security and Threat Management

We know security. We can handle unified threat management, security threat assessments and mobile device management.

Converged Infrastructure

Many businesses still require in-house data center equipment (servers, storage and network)to meet some of their business needs. Converged infrastructure is a trend in computer hardware manufacturing that packages all these data center equipment components in a building-block architecture that allows for simple management and easy growth over time. Let Innovative help you “do the math” and see whether a converged approach makes sense for your data center.

IT Outsourcing

Is your IT team short of staff, time or specific expertise? Companies choose from a menu of Innovative’s consulting, project and ongoing support services to reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of your critical computer systems.

Servers, Storage and Networking

Innovative helps companies “do the math” to determine if cloud solutions or in-house computing equipment makes more sense. If the answer is in-house IT infrastructure, Innovative helps you define requirements, select equipment and software, procure that equipment and install it.

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