Small Business Cybersecurity: 10 Recommendations by the FCC

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Remember when data breaches were uncommon? Well, those days are long gone. And like rotary phones and typewriters, they aren’t coming back.

Today you’ll find news coverage for a brand new data breach just about every day of the week. Consequences range from a public relations “black eye” and loss of customer trust, all the way to bankruptcy and ugly lawsuits.

However you look at it, it isn’t good, and you can pretty much count on throwing considerable money and resources toward corrective action if you ever have to deal with a loss, leak or corruption of your data ¾ particularly if it’s your customers’ personal data.

“I’m a small business with a small budget” is no longer an acceptable excuse to ignore data security.

In fact, because your business has limited resources, you can’t afford to leave your data, intel and systems unprotected. Doing so is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette with very real risks that could absolutely sink your business.

With that in mind, the Federal Communications Commission offers 10 cybersecurity recommendations for small businesses. (We’ll link to a handy printout at the end of this post.)

Here they are:

  1. Train employees in security principles.
  2. Protect information, computers and networks from viruses, spyware and other malicious code.
  3. Secure your Internet connection with a firewall.
  4. Download and install software updates as they become available.
  5. Backup all important business data and information.
  6. Control physical access to your computers and network components.
  7. Secure your Wi-Fi networks.
  8. Require individual user accounts for each employee.
  9. Limit employee access to data, and limit authority to install software.
  10. Regularly change passwords.

You’ll find a PDF copy of this list with an explanation of each item here. You’ll also find other small business security guidance at the FCC’s Cybersecurity Hub.

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