Innovative’s support services help you optimize the benefits of your technology investments. Through proactive and preventive maintenance, causes of potential systems failure can be determined and addressed before they adversely affect the organization’s business.

Each service includes a specific statement of scope, service agreement terms and conditions.

  • Documentation of the existing systems environment
  • Installation and configuration of systems
  • Regular scheduled system administration activities including applications installation
  • Troubleshooting of issues as required
  • Regularly scheduled systems reviews
  • Monthly written systems status reports
  • Other support options may be customized to clients’ specific requirements.

*Clients are required to have software support contracts with the manufacturer to receive software updates.

Documentation of the Existing Systems Environment

  • Technical documentation will contain detailed information about the hardware configuration, operating system setup, patch levels, file systems and disk partitions.
  • Systems architecture documentation will contain network related information such as IP setup, name resolution setup/strategy, file sharing setup and policies, server functional specifications, and inter-system communications.

Installation and Configuration of New Systems

  • Compliance with the organization’s standards and procedures for deployment of hardware and software
  • Compliance with requirements set by application consultants
  • Complete documentation of the installation

Regular Scheduled System Administration Activities

  • Application installation per requirements specified by the vendor or consultant
  • Patch revision verification and upgrade as required
  • File systems and general systems clean-up
  • Verification of backup and restore procedures
    User-administration activities
  • Systems security audits and recommendations

Troubleshooting of Issues as Required

  • Specific corrective actions to deal with systems issues
  • Operating system tuning to improve performance
  • Detection and correction of operating system issues as required by the installed software applications

Monthly Written Systems Status Reports

  • File systems usage reports
  • Uptime and downtime statistics
  • Causes of downtime and specific corrective actions taken
  • Application access reports as required
  • Systems resources usage to be used for capacity planning

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