Search Server Virtualization blog – How virtualization can get you into software licensing trouble

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One aspect of server virtualization that is sometimes overlooked is licensing. Virtualization can complicate software licensing, so it is important for an administrator to exercise due diligence in making sure that the organization has purchased the required licenses.

There are a couple of different issues that can make licensing difficult in a virtualized environment. One such issue is that the organization may have to purchase several different license types in order to remain compliant. Some of the required license types include:
•Hypervisor licenses
•Management server licenses
•Managed server licenses
•Guest OS server licenses
•Guest OS client access licenses
•Application licenses
•Application client access licenses

Another issue that can complicate licensing is that virtualized environments tend to be highly dynamic. A guest operating system might be created on one host server and then immediately migrated to a different host. Similarly, new VMs can be created on a whim by anyone who has the required permissions. So how can an administrator keep up with the licensing requirements?

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