Ready to grow? Try big data, cloud and mobile strategies

Ready to grow Try big data cloud and mobile strategies

If you had any doubts about how big data, the cloud and mobile strategies could impact your company’s bottom line, a survey released by Dell could provide the insights to push you in a new direction. On all levels, companies that leveraged all three experienced up to 53 percent more growth than companies that didn’t adopt the technologies.

Dell’s second annual Global Technology Adoption Index compiled feedback from nearly 3,000 IT and business officials at mid-market companies (with 100 to 4,999 employees) in 11 countries.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Companies that incorporated big data alone had the potential to grow 50 percent more than those that didn’t.
  • Companies that developed effective Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies could grow by 53 percent in comparison to companies without such strategies.
  • Companies using cloud technology cited numerous benefits, including cost savings (42 percent); getting things done faster (40 percent) and better allocation of IT resources (38 percent).

Although there’s a strong tie to revenue growth and the use of these technologies, companies still had reasons for concern before jumping in. As cited in the survey, the costs of making the switch as well as concerns about security were the top reasons companies were resistant to making change.

Tackling cloud security issues

Another survey by Netwrix revealed that 65 percent of 611 IT professionals pointed to security concerns and lack of visibility as the reasons they have yet to adopt cloud technology.

As you decide whether to integrate cloud technology, consider these measures planned by companies who are making the move: improve identity and authentication management (56 percent); encryption (51 percent) auditing of changes and user activity (45 percent of medium-size and large enterprises).

Whether or not you opt to incorporate big data, mobile strategies or cloud technology during 2016, developments in the industry — including increased attention to cloud security — could pave the way to your company eventually boosting revenue through these new avenues.

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