One-Third of Businesses Aren’t Prepared for the Future

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In an IDC report, IT Organization Imperatives: Key Behaviors to Drive IT Transformation, it was reported that 1 in 3 IT organizations are Current Focused. That is, all of their focus is on the current challenges their teams and technology are facing. However, IT is moving at an incredibly rapid rate. Flash and persistent memory in the cloud is going to transform the way software is built and machine and deep-learning is going to advance how it’s applied.

The problem is that many companies, including the one-third, aren’t preparing for the transformation. IT Transformation requires that organizations inherit Future IT responsibilities if they hope to capitalize on these advancements. Aside from being Current Focused, businesses must be:

  • Future Aware – do you have staff or partners that understand what technologies are currently under development and will impact your industry within the next few years? If you don’t, there’s a chance you could find yourself obsolete as industry disruption continues.
  • Future Focused – do you have staff or partners focused on how future technologies can be applied and how you can prepare for them?
  • Future Creators – do you have staff, partners, and research and development funding working with outside vendors and academia on what technologies you may help to develop?

Too many organizations look at IT transformation and think that it’s unaffordable. Advancements that are happening today can facilitate modernization for your IT team that helps you both save money and increase customer experience. Those savings and additional revenue can be applied to IT transformation, slingshotting your business beyond your competitors.

Transformation is Everywhere

When people think about transformation, they think about augmented reality, driverless cars or something else newsworthy. But IT transformation is everywhere. IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning can be applied today to building maintenance and structures to help heating, air conditioning, and minimize energy consumption.

These aren’t actually future technologies, they’re here now. Just a few years ago, though, they didn’t even exist. Or they were far too expensive to recoup the savings. Today, a commercial real estate developer would be wise to retrofit the building with this technology, enabling savings that can be applied to a full modernization of the building. However, it takes a development firm that’s future-aware and future-focused to make those changes.

It’s time to audit your infrastructure and identify cost savings in your IT management that will enable your organization to prosper in the near and distant future.

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