Advanced host-level replication solution for virtualized environments


vReplicator is the recognized host-level software-based replication solution for VMware infrastructure.  vReplicator enables companies to leverage virtualization to support High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies.

Businesses pursue replication for a number of reasons, including:

  • higher performance by allowing the work to be performed by multiple machines.
  • increased scalability to allow more individuals to access the application and data.
  • increased reliability to reduce planned downtime and prevent unplanned downtime.
  • increased agility by allowing systems to be treated as a pool of resources.

vReplicator offers the ability to replicate a VM to more than one destination, thus allowing users to accomplish multiple HA and DR objectives based on their specific needs.

In addition, vReplicator offers key features that set it far ahead of other replication products for virtualized environments, including:

  • A VSS driver that utilizes Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service to pause application writes.  This feature will enable quiescing of supported databases to provide a transaction consistent image at the D/R site.
  • Full image, differential or snapshot-synched replication for faster, more efficient replication jobs
  • “Skipping VMDK” feature, allowing bypassing of non-essential disks for faster jobs.
  • Replication to dissimilar hardware with closed target VMs to reduce costs of destination host
  • Replicate over LAN/WAN with no dependency on SAN
  • VMotion and DRS aware to follow moved virtual machines
  • Exporting of reports in PDF, XML or .xls formats to third-party reporting software for customized reports