The ultimate hot image backup solution for your data center — now with P2V-DR

vRanger Pro

VBoxRangerPro94x110vRanger Pro is the recognized industry-standard backup and restore solution for virtualized environments. Administrators can schedule regular image-level backups of virtual or physical machines — while the machine is still running. Images can be stored either locally in the SAN or sent as compressed files over a WAN to remote locations to support disaster recovery strategies. vRanger Pro also enables restore of individual files efficiently with an explorer tree through which users can easily identify and “grab” needed files.

P2V-DR vRanger Pro Module

The P2V-DR Module in vRanger Pro leverages the robust conversion engine of Vizioncore’s vConverter software. The cloning method employed by vConverter is executed at the “block-level” as opposed to “file-level” which results in extremely fast & reliable conversions with superior completion rates and no data loss. The P2V-DR module can extend your disaster recovery strategy to cover your physical machines. Now you can create images of both your physical and virtual machines which can be sent and archived at a remote site.


vRanger Pro is designed from the ground up for virtualized environments to take advantage of the unique D/R capabilities of virtual machines. With an easy to use graphical interface, startup wizards, and VirtualCenter integration,  vRanger Pro makes business continuity accessible to every level administrator. Advanced functionality, such as VCB integration, VSS quiescing, and differential backups, is enabled through the GUI with no manual RPM installs or complicated scripting.  vRanger Pro also leverages the advanced technology of vConverter to provide image-level backups of Windows-based physical servers without agents and without disrupting the source machine.