P2V, V2V for disaster recovery or one-time server consolidation


VBoxConverter94x110vConverter is an enterprise-class conversion solution that significantly reduces the time and effort required to convert servers to the VMware, Microsoft, XenServer or Virtual Iron platforms. vConverter enables lightning fast and easy conversions without disrupting the source physical system during the conversion process. A significant R&D effort and focus on conversion reliability and efficiency has resulted in the fine tuning of read/write/transfer algorithms and the creation of several mechanisms to achieve an impressive speed and conversion completion metrics. Combined with notable simultaneous conversion capability, vConverter is ideal for medium to large server consolidation initiatives where hundreds or thousands of physical servers need to be virtualized. vConverter can migrate more servers per conversion window than any other conversion method or technology, dramatically reducing risk, cost and time from start to finish.


Many corporations are leveraging multiple virtualization platforms to support and enable more effective business. vConverter offers a heterogeneous approach to P2V (physical-to-virtual) and V2V (virtual-to-virtual) migrations that provides increased flexibility and enables a greater return on an enterprise’s virtualization investment. vConverter contains advanced disk and network I/O algorithms to ensure that the fastest possible conversions are executed, and extremely reliable cloning is performed to minimize any risk of data loss. An intuitive GUI allows administrators to convert single or multiple servers simultaneously within a few seconds of setup. Conversion jobs can be scheduled for non-peak times to ensure as little disruption as possible.

As organizations increasingly look to standardize on virtual infrastructures, the reliability and performance of conversions are critical factors in ensuring that conversion projects are as non-disruptive and require as few man-hours as possible. Server consolidation initiatives often allow only a few hours during non-peak times in order to perform conversions, so a fast, schedulable and reliable product that automates many of the manual pre and post conversion tasks is critical to achieving maximum successful conversions per time window. Be sure to select vConverter for your P2V server consolidation and disaster recovery needs.