Web-based threats like spyware, viruses and phishing attacks are rapidly increasing in number, complexity and effectiveness, putting businesses that rely on the Internet at risk.

Compounding the problems posed by Web-based threats are the resource-draining effects of unauthorized Internet usage by employees, which saps productivity, contributes to network congestion, and makes the business susceptible to risk and liability.

Web security reduces risks

Using the MX Logic Web Defense Service, businesses can create a more secure network environment and integrate greater control over employee Internet usage. Ours is a fully-managed Web security solution that delivers effective protection against quickly-evolving Web threats like spyware, viruses and phishing attacks and incorporates technology to prevent unauthorized Internet activity.

The MX Logic Web Defense Service:

  • Blocks access to inappropriate websites (e.g. pornography, gambling, Webmail, shopping)
  • Blocks malicious Web threats (e.g. spyware, viruses, phishing attacks)
  • Provides visibility to Web usage through detailed reports
  • Enforces different Internet usage policies for different groups of users
  • Delivers continual updates which protect your users from the latest threats and inappropriate content
  • Protects users on the entire corporate network, including remote users
  • Provides powerful security, easy administration and use

Powerful security, easy administration and use

Many businesses recognize the benefits of using reliable managed security services to protect their networks, but cannot justify the cost or support the complexity of solutions designed for large businesses. The Web Defense Service, powered by industry-leading Blue Coat technology, was designed by MX Logic to specifically support businesses, state and local governments, and educational institutions with:

  • Convenient month-to-month contract terms
  • No hardware or software to integrate
  • Rapid service activation
  • Easy administration through the MX Control Console, our Web-based administrative portal
  • Flexible and scalable to grow with customer needs
  • 24×7 service and support

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