Internet Security and Acceleration Server

ISA Server 2006 is an integrated edge security gateway that helps protect IT environments from Internet-based threats while providing users fast and secure remote access to applications and data. ISA Server 2006 is available in two versions: standard edition and enterprise edition

Securely Publishing Your Content for Remote Access

Businesses need to provide employees and partners with secure and appropriate remote access to applications, documents, and data from any PC or device.

ISA Server 2006 enables organizations to make their Exchange, SharePoint, and other Web application servers accessible in a more secure way to remote users outside the corporate network. By pre-authenticating users before they gain access to any published servers, inspecting even encrypted traffic at the application layer in a stateful manner, and providing automated publishing tools, ISA Server 2006 makes it easier to provide security for corporate applications accessed over the Internet. Read more about Secure Remote Access with ISA Server 2006.


Connecting and Securing Your Branch Offices

Businesses need to connect remote-site branch offices to their corporate headquarters, provide security-enhanced Internet access from branch offices and utilize limited bandwidth more efficiently.

Organizations can use ISA Server 2006 to connect to and secure their branch offices, while efficiently utilizing network bandwidth. By providing HTTP compression, caching of content (including software updates) and site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) capabilities integrated with application-layer filtering, ISA Server 2006 makes it easier to securely expand corporate networks. Read more about Branch Office Security with ISA Server 2006.


Defending Your Environment Against External and Internal Internet-Based Threats

Businesses need to eliminate the damaging effects of malware and attackers through a comprehensive set of tools for scanning and blocking harmful content, files, and Web sites.

ISA Server 2006 can help organizations protect their environments from internally and externally originating Internet-based threats. With a hybrid proxy-firewall architecture, deep content inspection, granular policies, and comprehensive alerting and monitoring capabilities, ISA Server 2006 makes it easier to manage and protect your network. Read more about Internet Access Protection with ISA Server 2006.