Innovative Integration, along with our partnership with Microsoft has achieved certification as an Exchange Deployment Planning Services (EDPS) partner.  Exchange Deployment Planning Services (EDPS) can provide a structured engagement to help guide your organization through the deployment planning stages of a Microsoft Exchange implementation.

Exchange Deployment Planning Services is a Software Assurance Packaged Services benefit that offers pre-deployment planning designed to help guide customers through deployment and business value planning stages of Exchange Server implementations.

As a qualified EDPS partner, Innovative Integration can conduct these Packaged Services engagements, sharing best practices, analyzing your organizational requirements, and helping create comprehensive deployment and implementation plans.  The number of engagement days is 3, 5, 10, or 15—as determined by your Software Assurance coverage.

You are eligible for these benefits if you participate in any of the following Volume Licensing programs:

  • Open Value
  • Open Value Company-Wide/Subscription
  • Select License with Software Assurance Membership
  • Select Plus with Software Assurance Membership
  • Enterprise Agreement/Subscription

The number of engagement days for which you are eligible is determined by the number of licenses for Microsoft Office applications with Microsoft Software Assurance and the number of Core Client Access License (CAL) Suites and Enterprise CAL Suites for which you have Software Assurance coverage.

Discovery Workshop: presentation of Exchange Server, technical presentations and Hands-On Labs, basic deployment planning session.

Based on the 3-Day engagement. Adds depth to the covered topics and moves the customer towards a customized high-level deployment roadmap.

Envisioning engagement, aiming at the generation of a high-level Vision/Scope document, including business and technical requirements, conceptual architecture. This offering does not include the 5-Day content.

Combination of the 5-Day and the 10-Day engagements.

Each level of service offered will bring you a more in-depth deployment plan:

Preflight Conference Call and Questionnaire – Innovative Integration will work with you to understand your business imperatives and existing environment, enabling us to deliver a customized deployment plan.

Engagement Summary and Recommendations – You will receive a comprehensive summary of the information from your session.  It will include specific information, challenges, links, tools, and best practices to assist you with formulating a valid Solution Framework for your Exchange deployment project.

Cost Model Summaries – These summaries include different scenarios based on your pricing and infrastructure needs.
Proof-of-Concepts Lab – The 5, 10, and 15-day offerings will include a proof–of-concepts lab. If you choose the 10 or 15-day offering, this lab will be left for you to use after the session.

For assistance navigating this process or to check on your eligability, contact Innovative by phone at (317) 664-7600 or fill out our contact form.