Marathon has partnered with Citrix®, developer of XenServer™, the dynamic virtualization software platform based on the Xen hypervisor. The integration of Marathon everRun®and Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition leap-frogs other high availability offerings for server virtualization.

Explore the benefits from everRun VM’s unique approach.

Run Business Critical Applications – And More – In Virtual Machines

everRun VM delivers reliable protection for critical virtual workloads by providing redundant virtual machines and synchronized mirroring of your network, storage and data. Prevent application downtime and data loss.

The integration of Citrix XenServer’s superior “bare-metal” performance and everRun VM’s unique software fault-tolerant architecture gives you the confidence to run business critical and other essential applications in virtual machines – so you can gain the benefits of server virtualization across a much broader range of applications

Pay Only for the Availability You Need

everRun VM lets you select the right protection level for each application running in virtual machines. By matching the right availability for each application, you only pay for the availability protection you need.

Automate Virtual Machine Availability

everRun VM completely automates VM availability setup, configuration, fault detection and policy management. Automated setup and configuration eliminates the manual configuration other availability solutions require. Point to the VM you want to protect, and everRun’s setup wizard does the rest. You can fully deploy everRun VM from bare metal in 30 minutes or less.

everRun VM’s embedded policy management automatically handles all system, network and disk I/O failures. Failures are automatically and immediately addressed – without IT intervention.

By automating VM availability everRun VM removes the availability burden that traditional “bolt-on” clustering and data replication software require. And for the first time, midsize businesses can get practical, automated HA and DR.

Protect Any Windows Server Application Running in VMs

everRun VM is application independent – it works with any Windows Server application. No cluster awareness needed. No customization required.

Simplify Availability Management

everRun VM treats redundant virtual machines as one, so you only need to manage one environment for each application, not two separate environments that other high availability offerings require.

Managing this environment is centralized through the everRun Availability Center (eAC), a web-based management interface that provides a consolidated view of your entire everRun VM environment. As your needs grow, simply point and click to add additional servers to the pool to support additional applications and higher performance.

For more information about everRun VM application protection visit the everRun VM Application page.