everRun CDP complements everRun fault-tolerant, high availability software by extending the breadth of protection to remote locations hundreds or thousands of miles away. It provides added protection from catastrophic failure by capturing and replicating application data across any distance, in real-time.

Get Uninterrupted Data Protection Across Any Distance

Unlike traditional data protection and replication software that can leave gaps in data protection, everRun CDP ensures uninterrupted data protection by using continuous data protection technology. everRun CDP protects all your data and ensures its integrity by capturing it in real-time and storing it for as long as you need it. With full WAN support, everRun CDP works over any distance.

Recover the Exact Data You Need – Quickly

everRun CDP lets you quickly and simply recover data from any point in time. Recovering data and transactions is as simple as selecting the time you want to ‘roll back’ to, and everRun CDP presents a copy of your data precisely as it looked at that point.

Recover Files, Transactions and Databases

Recovery can be as granular as a transaction or email message, or as whole as a complete database. Lose an email message? Recover it with a simple drag-n-drop. Lose a SQL transaction? Another simple drag-n-drop and it’s back. Corrupted database? Roll back to a consistent point immediately before the corruption.

Reduce Backup Overhead

everRun CDP stores all data and changes in a repository separate from the production data. This repository can be used for historical reporting and tape backup to offload these processes from your production servers. Removing these burdens from the production servers removes performance bottlenecks and missed data.

Eliminate Backup Windows

Backup windows can be a thing of the past. By recovering from the repository (where the data can be backed up over any period of time) you can eliminate restrictive backup windows.

Ensure Complete Disaster Recovery

everRun CDP enables complete disaster recovery. Simply place a repository at a remote location. Unlike traditional replication solutions that copy all data changes – including corruption and deletions – the remote everRun CDP repository tracks all changes, allowing rollback and recovery from before corruptions or deletions.