Founded in 1993, Marathon Technologies is the only provider of fault-tolerant, automated, high availability and disaster recovery software for physical and virtual servers. Marathon’s everRun software prevents outages and data loss – without IT intervention – in Microsoft Windows Server and Citrix XenServer infrastructures.

Innovative Integration has met the needs required to become a Marathon Technologies reseller.  Innovative Integration is one of a select few in the Midwest region to adopt this powerful technology.  The Marathon compute through technology in the Marathon Technology product line is the backbone in many of our high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) architectures.

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everRun SplitSite

everRun software manages synchronization of the redundant servers over dual synchronization links that are standard gigabit Ethernet connections. With SplitSite, these synchronization links can be routed over a switched WAN. Even with a site-wide outage, your essential applications are still available — and your data protected — at a separate location.

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everRun for Single Windows Application

everRun® for Windows Server pools the physical resources of two standard Windows servers into a single operating environment. It virtualizes these two servers to appear and operate as one to deliver fault-tolerant, high availability for your Windows Server applications.

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everRun CDP

everRun CDP complements everRun fault-tolerant, high availability software by extending the breadth of protection to remote locations hundreds or thousands of miles away. It provides added protection from catastrophic failure by capturing and replicating application data across any distance, in real-time.

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everRun VM

everRun VM delivers reliable protection for critical virtual workloads by providing redundant virtual machines and synchronized mirroring of your network, storage and data. Prevent application downtime and data loss.

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