Virtualization is being implemented in computing systems around the globe to help businesses make the most of their existing resources and keep costs down. For the same reasons, more and more companies are installing virtual storage systems that transform unused storage space on their virtual servers into easy-to-manage iSCSI SANs.

Continuous Storage Access

Software such as VMware ESX or Microsoft Virtual Server convert x86 hardware resources into virtual machines. To ensure continuous data availability, these virtual machines require continuous access to underlying storage from multiple servers, making a shared storage infrastructure essential. That’s where LeftHand comes in.

The LeftHand Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA™) creates a virtual storage node, including disk drives, cache, processors, and controllers, using resources that already exist inside your virtual servers. These nodes can be clustered together to transform your existing server storage capacity into a virtual storage system, which you can then manage as a single iSCSI SAN.


LeftHand SANs run on standard hardware, which means, unlike competitors that require proprietary hardware to run their proprietary software, our virtualization software can run on any virtual machine that’s based on standard x86 servers.

High Availability for Remote Offices

Created for remote and branch offices, virtual storage systems can extend any LeftHand SAN to geographically dispersed locations. Small to medium businesses also benefit from this affordable solution that delivers the high availability and rapid ROI that they require. With no additional hardware purchase required, LeftHand’s VSA can help you:

  • Optimize existing IT investments
  • Enable comprehensive SAN management from the corporate site
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Provide data protection for branch offices
  • Deliver low cost site replication