Choose the right storage platform for your data center and you can significantly cut costs and simplify day-to-day operations. LeftHand NSMs are fully integrated storage nodes, which include disk drives, cache, processors, controllers – in short, each node is a complete storage system. Embedded virtualization lets you cluster individual nodes into a single logical pool of storage that grows in capacity and bandwidth with every node you add.

You can incorporate different drive types into your SAN to tailor a storage system precisely to your existing needs. As your business needs change, you can expand or reconfigure the SAN with no system downtime. Deploy different NSMs to correspond with varying business requirements throughout the organization, and manage them all as a single storage system from a single location.

Designed for maximum uptime and performance, LeftHand NSM storage systems are easy to install and easy to manage. No need to come into the office on weekends for routine maintenance and upgrades.

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