FortiManager Appliances

FortiManager centralized management appliances deliver the essential tools necessary to effectively manage the smallest to the largest Fortinet-based security infrastructures. Whether deploying a few or thousands of new devices or agents, distributing updates or installing security policies across managed assets, FortiManager appliances simplify tasks commonly associated with managing FortiGate™ devices and FortiClient™ agents. Device discovery, group management, auditing facilities and the ability to manage complex mesh and star VPN environments are just of a few of the time-saving features that FortiManager appliances offer. Complemented by the FortiAnalyzer™ centralized logging and reporting appliance, the FortiManager appliance is a comprehensive and powerful centralized management solution.

Primary benefits of the FortiManager appliance include:

  • Saves time when provisioning new devices and agents, as well as when managing security policies across groups of assets
  • Increases visibility and auditing capabilities by offering detailed revision tracking
  • Improves control over security and software updates by acting as a local distribution point for managed assets

FortiManager appliances provide a secure web-based management interface for the command and control of managed assets. Seamless integration with FortiAnalyzer appliances complete the centralized management solution with in-depth discovery, analysis, prioritization and reporting of network security events. Both interfaces work together to provide real-time, actionable information empowering the administrator with the knowledge and power to enforce the security policy across the enterprise and keep assets protected.