FortiMail Multi-Layered Email Security

With the worldwide volume of spam now significantly increasing daily corporate email servers and users alike are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. Spam email results in wasted corporate resources, decreased employee productivity, and increased corporate liability. In addition, increasingly sophisticated content level threats now commonly use email applications as a mode of attack. This can be illustrated by the dramatic rise in “phishing” attacks, signaling a change in strategy for spammers looking to profit from unsuspecting users.

Fortinet FortiMail is a family of high-performance, multi-layered email security platforms that remove unwanted spam, provide maximum protection for blended email-related threats and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Primary benefits of the FortiMail solution include:

  • Increasing employee productivity by reducing unwanted spam messages
  • Reducing the consumption of mail system and network resource consumption caused by spam messages
  • Addresses content level threats that utilize email
  • Aiding in achieving regulatory compliance through advanced email content archiving and routing
  • Providing flexible deployment options with three modes of operation: Transparent, Gateway and Server
  • Reducing IT resources needed by utilizing turn-key purpose-built hardware platforms, tightly integrated management, logging and reporting, and fully automated security content updates
  • Evergreen protection updates through Fortinet’s own FortiGuard Subscription Services
  • Lowered operational expenses through Quick-Start Setup Wizard and Basic-mode GUI