Internet Content Filtering

Network Composer’s content filtering capabilities for small and medium-sized organizations are unsurpassed. Network Composer uses an optimized balance of URL categorization, keyword scanning and dynamic content analysis to give you full, CIPA-compliant filtering.

  • Broad URL Categorization: 56 categories that provide granular control and reporting of user activity
  • URL Database Matching: Commonly used sites are matched against a comprehensive database
  • URL Keyword Search: New or dynamically changing URLs pass through a rapid keyword search for on-the-fly analysis
  • Dynamic Content Analysis: New or dynamically changing Web pages are scanned dynamically to keep up in real time with the ever changing Internet
  • Search Engine SafeSearch Enforcement: Enforces safesearch on all major search engines
  • Customizable User and Group Policies: Set content filtering and content control policies by individual user or group

Secure Web Traffic Filtering
Because Network Composer is an in-line device that delivers deep-packet scanning, it also provides unparalleled content filtering over secure browsing traffic like HTTPS. Network Composer can terminate SSL sessions to decrypt, scan and recrypt secure web content.

  • Full HTTPS Content Filtering: Full content inspection for HTTPS sites, database match, URL key work search and Dynamic Content Analysis
  • Certificate Verification: Checks SSL certificates for appropriate authorization to block sites with spoofed certificates
  • SSL Certificate Filter with Deny Access Page: Unique to Network Composer, the device can display a blocked page for secured sites that have been blocked due to certificate violations

Filter Avoidance Controls
The most robust filter avoidance controls for small and medium sized organizations, Network Composer stops even the most complicated and newest filter avoidance mechanisms

  • Filter Avoidance Daily Updates: Active technology searches filter avoidance threats and sends daily updates to your device, so you don’t have to maintain a blocked list
  • Filter Avoidance Dynamic Content Analysis: Anonymous proxies and filter avoidance sites get blocked automatically by our dynamic content analysis engine

Content Shaping and Prioritization

Set bandwidth limits or prioritize bandwidth for any website, category, MIME type and file type. These new controls prevent non-critical traffic from utilizing bandwidth resources that should be going to critical traffic. For example, administrators can set policy to limit resources available for a social networking site whenever bandwidth is needed for access to the organization’s customer relationship management site.

Application Control

Network Composer users Layer 7 application matching technology to make it easy to control how much bandwidth is allocated to specific applications. So, regardless of the port packets are passing through, the device can categorize the traffic and apply policy accordingly. This superior approach to controlling application traffic allows for better blocking of malicious applications while prioritizing resources for critical applications.

  • Application Blocking: Completely block applications that you don’t want passing traffic over your Internet connection
  • Dynamic Application Bandwidth Control: Dynamically prioritize bandwidth based on priority. This way non-critical traffic can still pass as long as it doesn’t interfere with critical traffic.
  • Layer 7 Application Signatures: Accurately identifies applications even if they’re trying to hide
  • Detection of Port Hopping Applications: Deep packet inspection ensures that port hopping applications like IM and peer-to-peer are properly identified
  • Application Monitoring: Watch application traffic in real time or historically to find out what applications require the most resources

Bandwidth Shaping and Prioritization
Unlike port-based rate limiting, Network Composer employs dynamic bandwidth shaping that creates very efficient and dynamic bandwidth usage. But that’s not all. Network Composer includes a full suite of bandwidth control tools.

  • Group Shaping: Prioritize or limit the amount of bandwidth available to a specific group of users. Group shaping also allows for dynamic bandwidth prioritization so that less critical groups get access to bandwidth as long as it’s not needed by critical groups
  • User Shaping: Similar to group shaping, prioritize or limit bandwidth to individual users – even dynamically based on priority
  • Internet Threat Control

Stop Internet threats from impacting your network. Network Composer includes industry-leading anti-spyware capabilities for both blocking and cleaning spyware.

URL Spyware Database: The fastest way to stop known spyware sites is through database matching. Network Composer leverages the industry-leading Sunbelt Software CounterSpy? database

Deep-Packet Anti-Spyware
The challenge with only using a database to protect against spyware is that unknown threats can get through, but this isn’t the case with Network Composer. It looks deep into the packet payload for spyware in file downloads and page loads – regardless of the URL.

Spyware Removal
Network Composer also cleans machines of spyware. Simply browse to, run the ActiveX control and you’re clean – with no client to install or maintain.


Network Composer provides administrators with visibility into highly granular details and high level summary reports. Get all the information you need on user activity, application traffic and threat sources.

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Total Internet Traffic
  • Application Traffic, Total, Application set and application detail
  • Web Browsing by URL, Category and User
  • Historic Reporting
  • Comprehensive Reporting for:
  • Top Internet Users
  • Top Bandwidth Users
  • User Activity
  • Group Activity
  • IM Logging
  • Application Traffic
  • And much more!

Report Broadcasts
Send regularly scheduled reports to those who need them – so they can make the right decisions for your organization.