Citrix XenServer is available in three editions:

  • Express Edition — a free starter edition, for bringing virtualization to every server
  • Standard Edition — a feature-rich server virtualization solution with multi-server management for business-critical workloads
  • Enterprise Edition — a powerful virtualization platform supporting flexible, aggregated pools of computing and storage resources with dynamic workload management
FeatureExpress EditionStandard EditionEnterprise EditionPlatinum Edition
Native 64-bit Xen hypervisor
Windows and Linux guests
XenAPI management and control scripting interface
XenCenter unified virtualization management console
Multi-server management
Subscription Advantage - first year included
Resource pools
XenMotion live migration
Shared IP-based storage
VLAN confirmation
Resource QoS controls
Dynamic provisioning of virtual and physical servers
Administrative modelSingle serverMultiple serversMultiple servers and poolsMultiple servers and pools
Physical memory1 GB - 4 GB1 GB - 128 GB1 GB - 128 GB1 GB - 128 GB
CPU sockets22Unlimited*Unlimited*
Guests active simultaneously4Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
RAM per virtual machine4 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB