For IT organizations, desktop management today is manual, time-consuming and expensive. Ensuring data security and regulatory compliance is complex when desktops are distributed around the globe. And business continuity is difficult to implement when users are tied to their physical PCs. For users, the longer they have to keep their PCs, the more the performance degrades as patches and app updates inevitably cause bloat. The alternative is to replace or re-image the machines, meaning disruptions and loss of productivity.

Is desktop virtualization the answer?
First-generation desktop virtualization technologies enable the centralization of desktops in the datacenter, which makes them easier to secure and backup. However, many of the same desktop lifecycle management issues persist – IT still needs to manage, maintain and update each virtual desktop image, along with all its installed apps and user settings.  In addition, many first attempts at desktop virtualization introduced new challenges – most notably, degraded user experience over networks and the high costs of networked storage needed for each user’s desktop image.

Desktop delivery – the next generation of desktop virtualization
Citrix XenDesktop offers a next-generation, user-centric desktop virtualization solution that provides a complete system for desktop delivery.  XenDesktop dynamically assembles virtual desktops on-demand, providing users a new and pristine, yet personalized, desktop each time they log on – ensuring that performance never degrades. In addition, XenDesktop’s high-speed delivery protocol provides unparalleled responsiveness over any network. For IT organizations, XenDesktop greatly simplifies desktop lifecycle management and radically drives down cost of ownership by separating the delivery of the desktop OS, applications and user settings.


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