Experience the power of XenApp

Lowest-cost Windows application delivery

Deliver applications quickly without leaving the data center by using the state-of-the-art application virtualization technologies of Citrix XenApp™ (the new name for Citrix Presentation Server™). Eliminate the need to install or manage applications on individual user devices, making application testing, provisioning, management and support easier and less costly. Let the underlying intelligence automatically select the best delivery method for the user, the application and the location.

Strongest protection for sensitive information

Control, protect and retain intellectual property centrally to dramatically reduce the chance for data loss and theft. XenApp helps you prevent data from leaving the data center without your explicit permission, supporting regulatory compliance and security objectives. Built-in endpoint scans and policy controls take into account each user’s role, device characteristics and network conditions to determine which applications and data they are authorized to access. These dynamic attributes also define where users may store and print sensitive information. Such strong security measures decrease the potential for inadvertent exposure, and enhance your ability to back up and restore information from one place for greater fault tolerance and disaster recovery. Integrated single sign-on and a secure SSL VPN gateway for remote access enable a “one password, one path” approach to application and data access.

Outstanding application performance over any network

Improve application responsiveness and increase user productivity with patented application virtualization techniques perfected over 15 years. Many applications frustrate users as they wait for data to be pushed across the network. Over high-latency or bandwidth-constrained WANs, these problems are even worse. XenApp greatly reduces network bandwidth requirements and mitigates latency issues, because with Application Virtualization on the server, only mouse movements, keystrokes and screen updates traverse the network. Even data-laden and graphics-heavy applications perform better, keeping users active and productive.

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