Platinum Edition
A strategic end-to-end application delivery system that virtualizes all Windows-based applications, both on the client-side and server-side, for all users at all locations, providing the highest performance and highest data security . Platinum Edition includes all the features of Enterprise Edition and adds critical capabilities for application performance monitoring, SSL VPN remote access with SmartAccess control and single sign-on application security.

Enterprise Edition
Delivers a wide variety of mission-critical Windows applications using client-side and server-side application virtualization technologies. Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Advanced Edition and adds capabilities to automate system resiliency, expand application compatibility, and rapidly provision complex applications across any size server farm.

Advanced Edition
Provides server-side application virtualization and the fundamental functionality for centralizing and delivering Windows-based applications in mission-critical environments.

Server-side Application Virtualization
Application-based Load Management
SpeedScreen Progressive Display
Client-side Application Virtualization
Application Performance Optimization
Application Compatibility Optimization
System Monitoring and Analysis
Application Performance Monitoring
Universal SSL VPN with SmartAccess
Single Sign-On
Application Password Policy Control
SmartAuditor session recording
EasyCall click-to-call technology