Breakthrough Capabilities for Delivering and Managing IT Infrastructures

Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters 4.5 reduces total cost of ownership and improves both manageability and business agility by virtualizing the workload of a datacenter server – operating system, applications and configuration – and streaming the workload on-demand to physical or virtual servers from the network.

Servers are stateless until streamed to; no software is preloaded or permanently loaded. No other server-provisioning approach compares in terms of economic benefits or operational efficiencies. By delivering server workloads on-demand rather than deploying them on individual servers, Provisioning Server for Datacenters 4.5:

  • Simplifies and streamlines server management, and reduces software rollout risk
  • Assures server consistency within silos by provisioning servers simultaneously from a single standard workload image
  • Increases IT responsiveness and agility by enabling capacity on-demand – repurpose any server to do any job
  • Reduces utility costs and space needs by cutting the number of backup servers that are required
  • Dynamically satisfies needs for growth, disaster recovery and business continuity

Provisioning Server for Datacenters 4.5 can stream a workload to any server or server farm, extending Citrix Presentation Server’s application delivery capabilities as well as Citrix XenServer server virtualization capabilities. Importantly, Provisioning Server complements existing systems management solutions (SMS). It drives even better ROI by giving an existing SMS the additional option of “delivering” the workload as a service rather than relying on the traditional approach of “deploying” the workload by repeatedly copying it to every server.